I couldnt use chinese character to write this post as im writting this post in the university computer lab; however i think it is better for me to use english to introduce this song to the world as this is one of the main theme song for the Beijing 2008; sang by alot of famous celebrities in the chinese entertainment industry; Jackie Chan is one of the singer that participated in this song as well.

这首歌是奥运歌专辑里的一首歌;是由群星合唱的 感觉真的很棒;很有中国的感觉。 不错不错。。。一定要看哦。。。呵呵。。。

Personally, i think this song is very well suits the theme song for the Beijing 2008. If you dont believe, just listen to it; i would guarantee you like this song... The song is called "BeiJing Welcome You (北京欢迎你)"

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