Apparantly, things doesnt goes as what I had plan, I still couldnt manage to finish the last bit of my assignment yesterday. 4 hours left, my mind was totally empty by the noon. what can i do? I gave up, hand  the assignment in, walked home, and straight to the bed.


Exactly, this is no good. Well, do I have the time and streght to think of this now? No, I still have 2 assignments to be hand in, one on friday and another one was also on the same day, however, lucky enough, I'd got meself extension for the Silent Video Modules.


Tomorrow, I will have to finish shooting all the footages that i require and start editing it at the night of the day. Thursday is the day that I have to dedicate to another assignment (assignment which due in on the day after - Friday).


After this sick and tiring opening year, I can barely say that this year would be a year that I will be enjoying. Hopefully things will change after this messed up. Probably the second semester would be better. Finger Cross.


Any plans for the next semester? Hmm, plan? no? Well, the only plan now is not to leave the work till the last minute AGAIN. *thinking*: I'd been saying this to myself for like a dozen millions time, does it work? Never.


Sad NEWs - Lauren Price is leaving her position as our Union Volunteer Coordinator. This is a sad news.  She will be leaving us for another charity organisation in the Tyne & Wear Musuem. Sounds like a decent job ey? Well, it is pretty good for her as she manage to secure a job at this very low level in the economy aspect. A word from me to her :" Lauren, I know you wouldnt want to leave us as well if you have other options. In chinese, there is a says, "there aint no party that goes on forever in this world". Just want to say how much I appreciate your efforts on the NSCA. Its just like your baby, aint it? I believe all of the volunteers and your colleague that ever work alongside with you would feel the same as me. Lastly, Lauren, all the best to you in your effort to pursue your future and take care." (*thinking:hopefully she will never seen this... lol)


Anyway, back to myself. I bought myself a new camera. Kodak V1073. This is the first camera that i ever bought for myself, apart from the camera inside my mobile phone. I'd taken some photos of the camera and will upload those photos when i'm "Assignments FREE". But now, i think i better get some food for my dinner and off to the computer lab to start doing my film editing.


Wish me luck. For those who read till this part, you better leave me a message saying you really sincerely wish my luck, if not..I will.... (to be continue)


LOL.... Nah, only joking... ok now, BYE for now, and See you when I see you

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